Tips to consider when buying a fridge

By on Apr 22, 2016 in Appliance Repairs, Electrical Blog, Energy Blog |

Are you ready to buy a new fridge for your home? There is no need to go rushing in and buying the first thing you said; take your time and find the best fridge for you and your family. To help with this process, here are the tips to consider when buying a fridge. These tips have been shared with us by our appliance repair partner – specialising in Melbourne region fridge repairs by Snowcool Refrigerator and appliance repairs.

Did Choice Test It?

Choice is the top association for consumer affairs. They test fridges and provide a thorough analysis of the fridges they test before giving a recommendation for consumers.

Energy Efficiency

Finding a fridge that is energy efficiency will save you money in the long run. It is important to keep track of the rating of the energy rating of your fridge.

What About Delivery & Installation?

When buying a fridge, will you get it delivered and installed for free? Or is it an extra cost? Talk to the retailer to see the details in regards to delivery and installation, as this is vital to actually get your fridge to your home.


Does your fridge have a warranty? And if it does – what does it cover? Warranty is important to make sure that if you do get a fridge, and it breaks down, you are covered by the retailer and manufacturer.

The Price

Look around and find the best price. Do not just buy the first thing you see, take your time and find the best value for your budget. There is no rush to get the right fridge for your home.

Negotiate The Terms

Many retailers are happy to negotiate all the terms of your fridge, including warranty, credit, installation and price. Make sure you get the best deal you can get and that the terms are all balanced out and even. For example, Rutherford is a Geelong electrician offering quality services but he is most regarded for his work and affordable yet reliable service. They also have an excellent resource online. We recommend Snowcool for Maytag fridge repair, Liebherr fridges, Samsung refrigerator repair, Jenn Air fridges     Whirlpool fridges and LG Fridges.